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Arizona "Saulė" Dance group at:
XIV Lithuanian Folk Dance Festival in Boston

 Date: July 1, 2012
 Place: Agganis Arena, Boston, MA

Lithuanian Folk Dance Group "Saulė" directed by Aldona Vaitkus joined Los Angeles "Spindulys" veterans directed by Donna Augus-Scola to perform four folk dances: "Aušrelė" ("Dawn"), "Pasodinom Ąžuolą" ("We Planted An Oak"), "Pjoviau Šieną" ("I Cut Hay"), " and "Rugeliai" ("Little Rye"), at the XIV Lithuanian Folk Dance Festival in Boston. A total of 50 dance groups from 7 countries with 1774 dancers participated in this festival.

Arizona "Saulė" with L.A. "Spindulys" veterans at the final practice session

entrance parade

dance groups after the parade

in arena
during intermission

(photos by Don Adamavich and Ina and Mindaugas Petokas)